Allegri is aiming for the top sport

The manager of Serie A side Juventus Massimiliano Allegri is very certain that his side will be aiming for the top sport in  Group A as they will be facing last season’s Spanish champions in Turin who have already qualified for the next round. If Juventus draw this match they will automatically qualify for the second round but the coach is going to this match with a winning mentality as he seeks winning spell.Allegri feels that topping the group can give his team a better chance in the upcoming round as they will automatically face a second team from the other group, however the coach admits that it will not be an easy task to beat Diego Simeone’s side.

Athletico comes to this match with four clean sheets and top form influenced by a number of goals that they have scored in a couple of previous matches.This match is surely to be a banger as both coaches are certain that their squads are balanced enough to compete as they both will be looking to top Group A. Juventus have never impressed convincingly in European competitions and they would be hoping to do better this season.The Serie A side has only managed to dominate in the domestic league and it is crucial for them to start performing well in the international competitions.

Andrea Pirlo and Pogba to mention just a few are very important players for Juventus and it is going to be crucial for them to stay injury free in the upcoming Uefa Champions League matches. Missimiliano Allegri’s men are also looking to snatch the Serie A tittle this season whilst also competing in the European competition,having not won in European tittle in a couple of past season, Juve will be going all out to to do well in the competition. Juve manager has cited that he wants to be top of the group when they go to the second round.

Juventus are facing Atletico Madrid in their next Champions league match and they are aware that this will not be an easy task as they are facing a side that has an experience in the competition as last seasons finalists.Both Atletico and Juventus want to go to the next match and ensure they secure points enough to be number 1 on their group. Atletico Madrid were beaten in the final last year by rivals Real Madrid but still managed to win the Spanish La Liga tittle so they will game to this match with expertise and experience.

Massimiliano Allegri coaching career

Allegri started his coaching career in 2004 when he coached the lower division side Aglianese where he had been a player for two final seasons of his career. Allegri impressed that season and he was eventually hired to manage Grosseto, another lower division side in Italy.Allegri did not have a good spell at Grosseto and he ended up getting fired as a result of this shortcoming.In 2007 Allegri was again appointed to coach Serie C1 side Sassuolo where he impressed and lead the team to the top spot  in the league. Sassuolo ended up winning the league tittle and got promoted to Serie B with  managerial guidance of coach Allegri.

In 2008 Allegri was announced as a new manager for Cagliari in the Italian  Serie A league.Despite a bad start in the season Allegri still managed to save  Cagliari from relegation and impressively lead them to ninth place in the log  table.As a result the club decided to extend his contract with 2 more years. Surprisingly in 2010 Allegri  was released from his duties by the team even though he had led the team to 12th position in a league and secured them 40 points.

After being released by Cagliari Allegri was hired by Italian giants AC Milan where he also had a good spell and lead the team to the championship tittle.The second season at AC Milan was a success as he managed to take the club to a Supercoppa Italiana tittle after the came behind to beat Inter Milan 2-1 in Beijing national Stadium.He also managed to to qualify the team for UEFA Champions League and led them to second place in the Serie A domestic league.Allegri is now coaching at Juventus where he has replaced Antonio Conte.

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