Man City hopes for progress to the last 8

Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has not lost hopes of qualifying for the second round of the Uefa Champions league after they lost to Barcelona by 2-1 at home last night.Goals from Luis Suarez in the first half ensured that the Spanish side go to half time with a 2 goal advantage.City failed to play their game as a result the match was dominated by Barcelona in the first half which saw the La Liga side create a lot of chances and they could have scored more goals but failed to convert.

Lionel Messi was like a menace to Manchester City especially in the first half where he created a lot of chances for Barca, the Argentinian made sure that his side is ahead of  the opponents as he ensured that Barca dominates most of the first half by not allowing City to play their game and cutting down their combination play.Inevitably as result the first goal was scored credit to Suarez who converted a swift shot in a tight angle past goalkeeper hart.

Neymar could have made sure that the team convert another goal but failed to beat City goalkeeper when his clear chance was blocked by the defense.However the Spanish side came back a few minutes before the half time when Luiz scored his second goal from a Jodi Alba cross making it 2-0 to Barcelona. Barca continued to dominate throughout the game with Messi causing havoc and creating chances for the Barca side but did not convert most of the chances that they were presented with.

It is quiet clear that the absence of Yaya Toure in the City central midfield position affected the English Premier league champions as they failed to combine passes and provide forwards with opportunities to get something out of the game.City managed however to get a goal ending the game with a 2-1 loss,this gives City an opportunity to go to Barcelona with high hopes of qualifying for the last eight.

Barcelona could have converted another goal when Zabaleta caused a penalty that Lionel Messi missed, goalkeeper Hart  punched the shot back to Messi but he failed to slot in the rebound with his header swerving past the post thus the game ending 2-1. Barcelona coach Luis Enrique admitted that had Messi scored the penalty it would have been a different result altogether citing that Manchester City still has a good chance of doing well in Barcelona.

City will be hoping to go to the second leg with more finesse and more confidence as they will be looking to make it to the next stages which is the last eight.This is surely not going to be an easy task in Barcelona because the Spanish side is not easy to beat at home and will be not willing to be kicked out of the Uefa Champions league competition like last season.The second leg will surely be a banger as city will not be looking to go down without a fight plus Yaya Toure will be likely back on the Manchester City lineup to boost the squad.

The club is also chasing Chelsea behind for the domestic league tittle that they are hoping to defend as they won it last year.They are behind the Blues with only 5 points so it is crucial for them to maintain their winning streak and ensure they do not allow Chelsea to open up the gap with many points.Sergio Aguero is the top goal scorer for Manchester City and he will be an important player for City in these last couple of games left in the domestic league.

Clubs like Everton,Crystal Palace and Stoke City are fighting  to maintain their positions at the middle of the table,Tottenham are looking to clinch the top five spot as they will be looking to qualify for the next UEFA Europa League. Queens Park Rangers ,Leicester City and Sunderland are fighting to get out of the relegation zone will be hoping escape the bottom of the table, the last few fixtures are crucial for all clubs in the premier league.Manchester City next fixture is away to Liverpool who are fighting for the top 4 spot as they are looking to qualify for the next Uefa champions League competition in the upcoming season.

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