Steven Pienaar career profile

Steven Pienaar plays as a winger and sometimes as a central midfielder for Everton however he has been suffering from reoccurring injuries  and has barely participated this season. Pienaar has always struggled with injuries at Everton and this has been a setback for the young midfielder’s career.He started as an Ajax Cape Town player and later moved to Ajax Amsterdam where he established himself as a world class player. Pienaar established his career at the Transnet School of Excellence where he has mentioned that the school helped him shape his game as a professional footballer. Steven Pienaar has also been heard citing that he is thankful to Dutch coach Leo Van Veen who helped him when he was still playing at Ajax Cape Town mentioning that the coach assisted him to grow his game and learn how to play for a team.

Steven Pienaar played his first game for South African national team in 20o2 and has since appeared sixty one times for Bafana prior to his retirement and has scored three goals.Schillo won at least one tittle at Ajax Cape Town when they beat Orlando Pirates in the finals in year 2000 and that was his last game at Ajax as he then moved to Nertherlands. Steven Pienaar joined Ajax Amsterdam in 2001 but only started playing the following year and was part of the best Ajax squad that won the national premier league that season and also in 2004.He was one of the star players at the Ajax team that season. Pienaar is known for his dribbling ability and his passing vision in the field, he links very well with Everton left back and forwards.

Pienaar was acquired by Borussia Dortmund in 2006 but did not have a good spell in the team,the player cited that he was not very happy at the club.He was meant to replace Thomas Rosicky in the midfield position but his time at Dortmund did not last that long and he was not happy at the club.He participated at the 2002 and 2010 world cups.On 2 October 2012, he announced his retirement from international duties. Pienaar is still playing at Everton but he has had little game time because of a number of injuries that kept him off the field in most of the past two seasons. It is not clear whether Pienaar will return in the Everton lineup this season or even the next,the player has always had injury problems throughout his career and this has halted his consistency in the past couple of seasons.

Pienaar had a fairly good spell in England at Everton and had offers from Chelsea and Spurs in 2011 and chose to go to Tottenham where he was supposed to spend four years .He had a couple of good performances at Tottenham Hotspurs but again he had a setback when he suffered an injury that kept him out for more that six weeks. Steven Pienaar did not have an impressive overall season at Tottenham as he always had injury problems throughout the season thus having very little game time at the English Premier League club.

Steven Pienaar is very pivotal in the Everton attacking setup and has done well in the last couple of seasons for the club. Injuries have always been a challenge for Pienaar throughout his career and he will be hoping to get back to the Everton lineup very soon.The club is struggling at the moment and there is no doubt that Schillo’s addition in the squad will make a big difference as he links well with Lukaku forward. He is said to be recovering and the club hopes that he will be back to the starting line up soon.

Pienaar will be hoping to bounce back and return to the Everton side who are also struggling in the English Premier League at the moment.The club has not been able to maintain their top table 10th spot position that they are usually placed at in most of the season. Everton will need to register a couple of wins in order for them to stay at a comfortable position that they were in last year. Lukaku is one of the trusted regular strikers in the team and he will be hoping that he scores more goals for the club as they look to move up the log table.

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