Yaya Toure fact file

Toure is a central midfielder for Manchester City and Ivory Coast national team,he has also played for a couple of French clubs and Barcelona FC where he won many tittles including the Uefa Champions League that they won in 2009 . Yaya Toure was born in May  1983 and is a brother of former Gunners captain Kolo Toure who is now at Liverpool .Yaya Toure is more of an attacking midfielder but he also plays defensively and is renowned for his ability to transform from defensive abilities to attacking in the field

.He has been consistent in the last couple of seasons especially in the Manchester City setup. This has resulted in him being nominated for the Fifa player of the year but he has never made it to the top three let alone win the award.Controversially, his team mate Samir Nasri once commented that it is not fair that Yaya Toure has never won the award or be nominated to the top three. Nasri also cited that Toure is not considered because he is an African player and he would have been nominated if he was from South America or Europe.

However Yaya Toure has won a couple of African Player of the Year awards in the last couple of seasons as he had been recognized by CAF following over the top performances at Manchester city. Yaya Toure established his career at a couple of European clubs such as Beveren, AS Monacoe and Olympiacos. He was purchased by Barcelona in the 2007 season where he won the Uefa Champions League and played more than a hundred games for the La Liga side.

Yaya is a an all rounder type of a midfielder and he is known for his ability to move forward with pace and is also considered as on of the top central midfielders in the world of football. Yaya is also strong defensively as he is able to read and anticipate the opponents attack and is also able to pass the ball with vision. He is also renowned for his powerful shooting ability and speed when attacking and moving forward. Yaya Toure also has an ability to score goals  and set up opportunities for team mates, he is an all rounder type of player.

Yaya Toure has been participating in the national Ivory Coast team since the 2006 World Cup and has played in all competitions since his inception at the national team.He is part of the legendary Ivory Coast squad that is considered the best in history of Ivory Coast football that consisted of veterans such as Zokora, Drogba and many others.This renowned squad however has been always criticized for their failure to win any tittles for the national team.

The national cup drought however ended in in 2015 when Yaya Toure led the Ivory Coast squad to the African Cup of Nations finals which they won in penalties.It took the club at least two decades to win the Afcon continental cup but finally managed to claim the tittle early this year courtesy of star players such as Kolo Toure, Gervinho ,Yaya Toure and Wilfred Bony.

Yaya Toure now has a task of contributing at his club as his side is fighting to win the English Premier league for the second time,Manchester City are second at the BPL log standings behind Chelsea who are leading at the moment.The club is now focusing on clinching the league tittle and also to compete in the Uefa Champions League where they will be facing Barcelona in the last 16.Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini has cited that he is very happy now that Yaya Toure is back in the club after a month of national duty.

The coach stressed that Yaya’s presence is important in the club and that he is pleased that the play maker is back in the starting lineup to contribute and create opportunities for the club.Sergio Arguero and David Silva are the other players that play a big role in the Manchester City lineup.With Vincent Kompany and Zabaleta both being important in City’s defence.Nonetheless the team has been struggling to win games since Yaya left but now that he is back in the setup to boost in the midfield they will be much difference.City has also purchased Wilfred Bony who will be assisting Sergio at the front.